Last Sunday, Sebastian and Matt from Johannesburg #NekNominated us in a proudly South African version of the game. We were tasked to help make a difference, in any way possible.

We were given a month to respond, but in true FNB fashion, we grabbed the opportunity to help and rallied FNB’ers to act within the week.  It is such a great cause that everyone pitched in and managed to organise, shop for gifts and give up their Saturday morning to film our #NekNomination within 6 days!

We had a great time filming at Dlala Nje, a community centre for kids at the Ponte Tower in Hillbrow focused on  taking the kids of Hillbrow off the streets, helping them with homework, teaching them how to play musical instruments and giving them much needed computer skills in a safe, stimulating and nurturing environment. (see article published on the FNB Blog about them here).

At 9am on Saturday morning (8 February 2014), armed with stationary, musical instruments, swimming pool equipment, computers and games for the children of Dlala Nje, over 30 FNB’ers boarded a bus to Hillbrow.  Mike and Nickolaus from the centre had no idea that we were coming other having being told that they were going to be interviewed for the FNB You Can Help blog, so imagine the surprise when the FNB Help Squad walked into the centre carrying a variety of much needed items.

We were delighted that we were able to bring so many smiles to the faces of the kids using the centre, but even more, I am proud of FNB for taking on the challenge to help create a chain reaction of positivity and help.  The video went live on Saturday evening and it is receiving great feedback.

Help and kindness is contagious.  So we’ve Neknominated every FNB’er to go out into the communities in which they live or work and to help make a difference in any way they can.

View our #NekNomination here:

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