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Carin Meyer is COO and Head of Finance for FNB Share Investing. She started her career in banking in 2003 as a Senior Financial Manager at FNB. She is a qualified Chartered Accountant and has a masters degree in Financial Management.

  • Online investment platforms offer greater flexibility

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    Investing via online investment platforms offers greater flexibility, because the investor can access their portfolio data at any time and transact. People that invest via online platforms do so at a much cheaper rate than having to pay someone to place trades on their behalf. This essentially means the investor benefits from not having to […]

  • Gold can reduce volatility in a portfolio

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    Having gold as part of an investment portfolio acts as a strong portfolio diversifier because it is not deeply correlated to other asset classes. It has historically been known to act as catastrophe insurance in times of market uncertainty. This is primarily because the yellow metal does not derive its value from the financial system. […]

  • Key pointers for investing in shares

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    Investing in the stock market is not only for the wealthy, you can invest in shares directly on the JSE. What is important, however, is to understand the basic principles of investing in equities. Herewith some pointers on how to invest and an infographic to make it easily understandable. Getting started It’s important to understand […]

  • Never rush a good thing

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    We recently, 22nd of April of this year to be exact, introduced a new product namely Share Saver the only one of its kind in the market and also the cheapest way to invest on the JSE.  We are truly passionate about this product for its simplicity and potential to produce good returns so when […]

  • How to choose an ETF… or two…

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    If you read my previous blog post, you will hopefully now know a little bit more about an Exchange Traded Fund or ETF.  But did you know that at present there are close to 40 ETF’s listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE)?  So, if you could invest R10 000 in 3 of them, which […]

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