Eunice Sibiya
About Eunice Sibiya

Eunice Sibiya is Head of Consumer Education at FNB, a division which is responsible for educating South Africans about basic financial concepts and encouraging financial literacy across the country. A University of Pretoria Marketing graduate, Eunice, amongst other responsibilities, manages Consumer Education’s two main areas of focus, face to face interventions and radio campaigns.

  • Money mistakes the youth must avoid

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    Young people should make wise financial decisions early in life to ensure they are not impacted by financial missteps committed in their youth. There’s nothing as exciting as getting your first salary and realising that earning an income opens up many possibilities. However, this should also be the time to step back and start thinking […]

  • Revolutionise your relationship with money

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    Given that February is traditionally the month of love and serves as a time to foster relationships with those near and dear; this is the perfect time to look at how to boost your relationship with money. Let’s face it, this is often a relationship characterised by stress and based on a begrudging acknowledgement of […]

  • Tricks to stretch every cent this January

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    Most consumers are under pressure in January and usually consider ‘run-of-the-mill’ strategies, such as packing lunches or foregoing their cappuccinos just to make it to the end of the month, however there are other tricks to help navigate to the next pay day without accumulating debt. Challenge yourself to get through the month on a […]

  • Don’t let back to school expenses squeeze your finances

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    The new school term is looming and preparing for the new school year may be daunting if you overspent in December. Making financially smart decisions when preparing for the new school term can assist in buying school necessities such as stationery and clothes. Don’t automatically buy everything new The start of a school year doesn’t […]

  • How to get through Janu-worry 2017

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    The New Year is upon us, and the first month of the year is always a tough month financially – the festive season overspending hits consumer’s wallets  not to mention the looming expenses such as school fees. The sooner you get a hold on your finances, the easier it will be to start 2017 financially […]

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