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Hello to my all my fellow fans and followers! I am back with part two of the Lightie™ Journey. It has been a few months since I began my entrepreneurial journey through FNB & Edge Growths commercialization program.

Most of my time has been spent on preparing for research trips and then actually going out and doing them. Research in townships and rural areas (target market demographics) for the Lightie™ is not as simple as most of you would think. Hopping into your car and setting out for the day on a solo mission with a pen and paper in hand is not going to cut it. There are in fact many things to consider that can seriously hamper the research process such as language barriers, security, understanding of cultures, directions (no a GPS will not show you the way to a hut/shack off the beaten track), organizing a team and making sure everyone can attend etc. Planning included getting hold of various community leaders, getting a translator/driver that understood the languages and cultures (you cannot just knock and walk into a shack) organizing someone to film, preparing questions, finding accommodation etc.

The initial research phase was very rewarding both in terms of understanding how the target market live, operate, and understanding the current problems and challenges they face relating to their lighting needs on a daily basis. While initially it may seem easy to overlook this initial research phase and to assume you know what problems these people are facing it is in fact imperative that as an entrepreneur you learn and test your hypothesis first hand by getting out there, mingling and asking questions in the target markets environment. Many important facts where learnt that would otherwise have been missed and these facts can make a tremendous difference in the development of the original idea. This is a lesson thankfully, I did not learn the hard way!

We are now moving into the Manufacturing and physical development stage of the Lightie™ so stay tuned for more updates.

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