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This will be my last blog post during the business incubation period. I think we have made really good progress in the last six months and it was a great learning experience for me. The pilot launch at the Northriding Builders Warehouse was a success although we started off slowly. Of course there had to be some challenges… we had them all. From technology problems to the wind almost blowing our stall away, but in the end it was fun and I think we achieved what we wanted to.

We identified a bunch of problems in the signup process that we had to address over the next two weeks. My business partner, Rudi, and I spent quite a lot time fixing and enhancing the process and we also got our first employee, Jacob, who will be doing most of the signups during the next couple of weeks.

We went back after about two weeks and interestingly enough, when we approached the guys sitting outside, they were well-aware of Hamba and all wanted to get signed up. That is a major difference from the first time where they seemed very sceptical and thought it was some sort of scam. The one major problem we encountered on launch day was that few people walk around with ID books, so we couldn’t verify all of their details. To get around this, we used a service called VerifyID whereby we can send an ID number and get the details back in order to verify the person on the spot. We changed the process to include an SMS verification step that requires them to send an SMS from the number registered in order to complete the process.

The next steps now will be to sign up as many workers as possible before our next event which will be aimed at the users of the app. I will write about that launch hopefully soon when everything is up and running.

– Wayne –

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